V.H.F. is a new concept for a band that stems from the brain of drummer Todd “Vinny” Vinciguerra. Taken from the blueprint set by Miles Davis’ groundbreaking record Kind of Blue, VHF starts with drummer Todd Vinny Vinciguerra setting the initial tone of the song, the song arrangement is made on drums, then passed along to legendary bassist Tony Franklin for chord progression and underlying groove. Once a groove is established, the rhythm tracks are set in place for guitar virtuoso Joel Hoekstra‘s independent interpretation. The music is created from the bottom up, that is the drums are the creative force behind the band.

The final piece contains parts by each musician uniquely composed, completely independent of each other, and done with complete artistic freedom by each musician. The sound of the band varies from piece to piece, but it is a combination of ethereal trippy sounds and driving rhythms, enticing the listener to create a picture or movie to play out in their mind.

Golden Robot Records

Golden Robot Records has signed a star-studded roster of rock greats, a brilliant mix of up and comers, and those already making their mark in the global music scene. Over the past few years, we have worked hard to release albums, Eps and singles from some of the world’s best bands, and GRR is leading the way forward for rock and roll in 2021.

Golden Robot Records sets itself apart from other labels with its unique and focused approach.

Simply put, we’re old-school when it comes to looking after our bands and artists with a personal touch, and new-school in our proven expertise and knowledge of the modern marketplace and our understanding of the ever changing digital marketplace.

When we release albums, both physical and digital worldwide, we’re backed by global teams of the best in the industry, GRR is a label with purpose, passion and drive. We dare to be different and to push the boundaries, we think outside the box and we are not afraid to take risks. Golden Robot Records is based in Los Angeles, California and Sydney Australia.

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